Trenchers for Electrical Cable Installation

With the transition to green energies, the market of renewable energy is booming.

Marais, Tesmec Group Company contributes to this transition by offering environmentally friendly equipments for laying electrical cables, particularly in wind farms and photovoltaic farms.

Whether for transmission or distribution, Marais, Tesmec Group Company, offers a range of trenchers suitable for mechanical laying of one or more cables in open ground, with sanding or wrapping, for mechanical laying of flexible HDPE conduits (very high voltage) or for trench opening only (very high voltage).

With or without loading, flat or trefoil laying, the dimensions, trenching and laying tools are adapted based on the laying environment and the network to be installed.

To find out more about the machines suited to this sector, see our page dedicated to macro-trenchers and the technical data sheets for our machines: 400MCT RT1100400MCT CS1200, MTR430R1400MTR430 CT1300950R Chainsaw, 950R R1000, GD2, ST2, 975EVO Chainsaw and 985 Chainsaw.