Trenchers for Fiber Optic Installation

In a world focused on information, connectivity is crucial. The cost and speed of constructing new telecom networks largely depend on how quickly telecom operators can deploy their communication cables.

Marais’s trenchers are designed for a fast and clean deployment of fiber optic networks in urban areas (FFTH), on the outskirts or over long distances (backbone). 

With or without loading, with or without suction, with mechanical laying or not, the dimensions, machines, trenching and laying tools are adapted based on the laying environment and the network to be installed.

To find out more about the machines suited to this sector, see our page dedicated to micro-trenchers and the technical data sheets for our machines: 400MCT R670, MTR430 R620 TC, 950R R620, GD2, ST2, Cleanfast, Citycleanfast, Sidecut SC4P and Sidecut SC3C RocksawSidecut SC3C Chainsaw400MCT R670.