Additional Equipments

A wide range of additional equipment and options are available for sale or rental. These equipment allow you to increase safety and optimize the execution of your projects and they can be customized according to the job to be carried out.

Some examples include:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for the detection and mapping of existing underground networks before the beginning of the job site
  • The sand trailer for a continuous and regular supply of sand or wrapping materials into the laying boxes to protect the networks
  • The wrapping machine to wrap a string around several ducts or cables with the aim  to reduce trench dimensions and to keep their correct position during the laying operations
  • The self-propelled reel carrier to carry and unroll multiple conductors of several tons each (HDPE or electrical cables) before the trenching and laying operations in wind/solar farms
  • The laying box for continuous and precise laying of pipes and cables at a proper depth while respecting the acceptable bending radius. It’s customized inside with several devices (rollers, chutes) enabling the simultaneous laying of several types of networks. Various widths, lengths and heights are available and different accessories can go together (warning mesh unroller, backfiller, screener, sand hopper)
  • The concrete hopper, fed directly by a concrete mixer truck, to fill continuously the trench with concrete
  • The smart tracker to follow and record the positioning of the networks laid based on XYZ coordinates (as built data logger)