Our micro-trenchers are machines and associated trenching tools with trench widths ranging from 13mm to 150mm.

These machines are primarily dedicated to telecom networks (FTTH, FTTB, FTTX, backbone, signaling, traffic management, smart cities, emergency call networks, public lighting, etc) that can be laid at shallow depths and in accordance with the standards in force in the different countries.

With or without vacuum system or with or without loading conveyors for the materials, these radio-controlled, compact, noise-reduced and powerful trenchers are perfectly appropriate for urban works, to trench on roadways, on sidewalks, on roadsides, on highways and on airport runways. Detection equipment, such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), can also be used before the trenching phase. 

The flexibility of trenching is increased and allows operations within a wide perimeter thanks to the unique back end installed between the chassis of the machine and the trenching tool.

The cutting disk or chain is designed to receive various cutting elements easily adjustable in width and according to the hardness of the ground to be trenched.

An extra offset, to trench outside the machine’s frame, is available on certain models. 

Check the technical sheets of our micro-trenchers:

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