Fiber Deployment - Belgium

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Fiber Deployment - Belgium

Location : Belgique

 Client : Proximum, Belgium

Service : Telecoms
Date : March 2023

Client challenge
Faced with the challenge of deploying fiber optic networks in rural areas, our Belgian customer Proximus was looking for an innovative solution compared to traditional methods. This solution needed to allow a rapid cable laying process while being economical.


The solution was to use Marais’s mechanical laying technology, allowing multi-duct installation on the roadside using the mini-trenching concept. The trench was 13 cm wide and up to 60 cm deep.


  • 7 km in less than 3 weeks.


"As part of our technical, time and cost optimizations, we decided to run a large-scale trial with the concept developed by Marais and thanks to one of our usual subcontractors. The analyses carried out following this pilot project allow us to have positive feedback in terms of time of completion, savings and minimal inconvenience to residents during site works. This technology is an interesting option looking forward to our future fiber optic deployments" - Damien Mary, Program Manager at Proximus

  • Trencher 950 R TC 620 equipped with loading conveyor, a laying box for the mechanical laying and sand hopper